With us, you'll get a dedicated service to guide and support you through every step of the way.


We will document your experience/complaint, taken care to ensure all the written communication process needed is provided, until a  resolution has been achieved.


If you have a complaint, or wish to make a complaint against any of the following:

* A holiday service provider.

* A delayed or cancelled flight where additional costs were incurred, through no fault of your own.

- Any service that was not provided as promised.

WE can create professional documentation will be created ensuring your mistreatment will not go unheard.


We will prepare customised content, based specifically on your experience, for your particular needs and assist you in completing all the necessary documents and application forms.


We will provide you with relevant, specific documentation, explaining your problems and if necessary, we are able to put forward a formal complaint regarding costs, billing or the switching of  broadband or phones providers.


If you have a dispute with a car manufacturer, or your vehicle has been damaged by the road side, or you would like to contest the charges involved in your car finance agreement, we will work closely with you, documenting all your experience and/or complaint. 


We can help to create your professional CV or job application.


Contact us if you need any assistance with writing letters, filling in forms or general documentation and our experienced advisors will provide you with their expertise, looking always to achieve a successful result.


Our services start from as little as £299 for a single bespoke document. When multiple documents are required over a period of time, where on going correspondence is necessary, our fees will be pre-agreed.

Our services only require a one off payment. There are no hidden costs and the price will be confirmed with you before any work is carried out.

In some instances, work can be carried out prior to a final calculation of the total cost, providing certain criteria are met. In this case, the price will be pre-agreed with you and adhered to, regardless of the quantity of work or time frame involved.